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Spy mobile phone software support remote room listening for all mobile phones like Nokia, Videocon, Apple, HTC, Sony, Samsung, LG, BlackBerry, Vodafone, Micromax, Tata, Motorola, Spice, I phone etc.These spy mobile phone software is used in all mobile phones. GPS location report support for those devices which have GPS facility with Lat, Log and alt location. This software support call number watch list, only watch list number will send to PDN for alert.
1. This is support SMS text message filter.
2. There are no logs for all SMS and calls.
3. no application is show in the setup manager.


This spy software can help you to track or gather all information of your kids, spouse, employees etc. there are many companies provide mobile phones of our employees for offices uses but many people use them to personal use. So, this is very helpful for companies and they should use this surveillance to record all activity of our employees who use company cell phones for personal use. It will give detail information associate to the text message, calls, and all other activity carried out on the phone. This device is also use to get GPS report for every twenty minutes with the detail of each movement. This is very easy to use just install in the mobile phones and after it could simple record all call conversation, text messages, and now you can track phone location through the GPS tracker. Your cell phone is like a computer which record all the call conversation and you can review the entire recorded information including the duration of calls, number and messages.


1. Call Interception : This spy software is able of capture call without being detected. If you are in a conversation, the system is automatically sent a SMS notification to the other party sighed that you are engaged in a call. The spy software can listen your conversation

2. Text Message Access : All sent and received message content can be seen. It also includes recover of deleted messages.

3. Call History Access : This software can retrieve all call history and includes the numbers you called and received. Call duration are also recorded in this software.

4. Location Tracking: You can get the exact location through GPS tracking device. And it show location on the map with the pointer of your exact location is provided.

5. Photo Access: Your mobile phone photos are also accessed by this surveillance.

6. Access Browser History: It records all the history while you using the internet and it record all sites you have visited in the mobile phone.

7. Email Access: It records all the email you have sent through the mobile phones.